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    How do i ship my car?

    Don’t fill out multiple quote forms on different sites!
    When you fill out an online quote, most transport websites will sell your information to 10 to 20 different transport companies. If you unknowingly fill out forms on different sites, you are likely to have 20 different companies contacting you at once.

    Save yourself the annoyance and frustration and just fill out one auto shipping quote form on our site. You can be confident you’re getting the best price, quality and reliable service from the leading car transport company in the industry without the hassle.

    have put this section together to help you understand the auto shipping industry and how it works. 

    Get Car Shipping Quote

    First you need to get a car transport quote to see how much its going to cost to ship your car. You can Get a Quote from our company or we recommend you go to sites like these (, GOTRUCKGO,com) to get several quotes to compare.DON’T JUST FIND A SITE ON A GOOGLE SEARCH AND ASK FOR A QUOTE!!! A lot of sites sell your information to 10 – 20 companies at once and you will get 10 to 20 sales people calling you at once, Not fun!  Here are a list of things the company is going to need to know to be able to give you accurate quote.

    1. Year, make and model of your car(s)
    2. Pickup and delivery city, state and zip
    3. Does the car run, steer and break and is it modified
    4. Do you want to ship open or enclosed carrier
      Open Carrier – This is transport that does not protect your car from the elements. Your car is exposed to the weather, but we can fit more cars on our truck and this lowers the cost of transport. Damages from the elements are rare, but can occur. Most people are willing to take the small risk to save a considerable amount of money.
      Enclosed Carrier – This is transport that protects your car from the elements. Going enclosed can protect your car from weather, rocks and theft. In most cases an enclosed carrier will cost double of what it would cost to ship on an open carrier. These drivers have more experience with high-end cars.
    5. The date or approximate date you want to ship your car
    6. Email address so that they can send you a copy of your quote

    The company you hire 99% of the time will not be the same company that shows up at your door to pickup your car. In this industry most companies only own a few trucks that run specific routes or they are a broker and don’t own trucks. You would have to sift through hundreds of companies to try and find a company that actually runs the routes you need your car shipped. We have an answer for this, the auto shipping industry has a load board that all companies share that we can post your car on and companies that run that specific route can request to ship your car. If they meet the proper standards they are then allowed to haul your car.  It sounds weird to you, but its a lot like Uber or Lift. they don’t own the car thats picking you up, in the same way we don’t necessarily own the truck thats picking your car up. its and amazing system that has allowed us to ship cars faster then ever. Instead of having to wait for our truck to be available we can find a truck that has an open spot and the company that has the most money gets the spot. This is one reason why its important not to go with the cheapest quote price. I get calls everyday from people who chose the cheapest quote price and nobody showed up to pickup their car and now they have to pay more money to have me scramble to pickup their car last minute. If you have lots of time you can go with the cheap price and wait till they pick it up, but DO NOT GIVE THEM A DEPOSIT UNITL THEY PICK UP YOUR CAR! This way they are motivated to make it happen and you are not locked in if they never show up.

    As time goes on we will add more to this section. Here are some more articles that can help you make the right choice.

    Don’t get caught up in the up-front deposit scams.
    Be careful if a company is asking for an up-front deposit. A lot of unethical car transport companies are giving low quotes to sucker customers in. Once they have your deposit they make up some excuse why they need more money to ship your car.

    If you refuse, they keep your deposit and don’t pick up your car. You’re left empty-handed and out hundreds of dollars. The best way to avoid this situation is to ignore significantly lower prices no matter how tempting it seems. We also recommend you don’t give them any money until your car is picked up.

    Too good to be true price scams.
    Like I said, if you notice one transport company has an exceptionally low price STAY AWAY FROM THEM! If it sounds to good to be true, it is!

    These transport companies bid low hoping they can find someone to move your car for cheap. When they can’t find someone to move it for that price, they come back to the customer asking for more money. Sometimes they do this after they’ve already picked up your car. We’ve heard stories of transporters holding cars hostage, so to speak, demanding hundreds of dollars more to delivery. The best way to prevent this is to get several quotes, take the average price and go with a reputable company like DAS Auto Shippers.

    Fuel prices are up and so it the cost of transport your car.
    Trucks run on fuel and use a lot of petroleum-based products for lubrication and hydraulics. This explains why an increase of fuel prices directly affect the cost to transport your car.

    There’s not much anyone can do to bring the cost down but transporting a car in the winter is always cheaper than summer. This doesn’t have anything to do with the cost of fuel, but more supply and demand. Most people move cars in the summer and not in the winter.

    Car transport companies are going out of business and taking your car with them.
    With the cost of running a truck going up dramatically, a lot of owner operators that don’t understand economics are moving cars too cheap and running out of money. Some of them are going out of business and leaving the truck loaded with cars on the side of the road.

    We have talked to people that gave a transport company their car never to see it again. They can’t go after the company because they shut the company down.

    That’s why choosing a reliable auto shipping company is so important. You need a transport company with a proven track record. You can check out our reviews here.

    Warning!!! Low cost Upfront Deposit Scams
    To good to be true price scams
    We are in the middle of busy season.
    Fuel costs are up and so it the cost of Transport your car


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