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    We ship all types of cars for our customers. Our convenient door-to-door transport service is available to everyone in the Dependable States and Canada and extends anywhere in the world. Our auto shipping reviews prove our dedicated commitment to service and safety. Don’t get caught in car transport scams. Hire the best car transport network in the nation!

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    Welcome to DAS Auto Shippers, we offer several options to ship your car. We ship classic, antique, exotic and luxury Cars. We have enclosed and open carriers. First time transport, or just want to understand the process better? Learn more about auto shipping.

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    If this is your first time transport a car and if you would like to understand the process better, you can check out our newcomer’s section. Welcome to DAS Auto Shippers, we offer many options to ship your car. We ship personal cars, car dealerships, military personnel and corporate relocation. We have open and enclosed carriers.


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    If you’re looking for a safe & affordable way to ship a motorcycle within the US or Canada, your search is over! Shipping your bike to one of the upcoming Motorcycle Rallies? We have years of experience specializing in transport motorcycles within the US and Canada. We have a continually expanding global reach. You won’t find this kind of experience or network with any other company.

    Why DAS Auto Shippers

    Choosing Dependable Auto Shippers gives customers a car hauling company that has moved far more than one million vehicles since its founding. Choosing Dependable Auto Shippers rewards customers with the most seasoned name in the car shipping business, but also has the added bonus of working with the most technologically advanced haulers in the business. Recognizing the needs of an automotive transport customer can call for flexibility; Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS) announced today that Dependable Auto Shippers puts customers first, now allowing them to customize pickup and delivery options for their car move. With this relocation service, a customer has the ability to drop and/or pick up his or her vehicle from one of more than 100 Dependable Auto Shippers transportation hubs across the nation.

    If a customer needs their vehicle picked up or delivered on a certain date, DASs Crews can send out a local pick-up at any of their over 100 nationwide Shipping Centers to maximize convenience. Vehicles are picked up from a particular location, and then transported and delivered to their customers particular point of delivery. Vehicles are picked up from specific locations and transported to a nearby delivery center to pick them up as per customer preference.

    Once the vehicle has been delivered or picked up, there is a limited time for inspecting the vehicle to make sure that it arrived in the agreed upon condition, and the transportation company has delivered the vehicle according to the terms of the contract. If the car is in poor working condition, you will have to have the car shipped by trailer or another specialty moving truck. Car hauling and delivery costs will vary greatly depending on how soon you need the car and the transportation method.

    Depending where you are moving the vehicle, you might need to pay substantial fees. For instance, cars shipped to Singapore would have a 20% import fee based on the cars Customs Value. Brokers will need to mark up the cost paid for shipping the vehicle, and will in turn be charged extra for moving the vehicle, truck, SUV, motorhome, or motorcycle.

    To send your car or another vehicle internationally, you need to have a fair amount of paperwork. It is slightly different if you need the vehicle shipped within the same state than you do if you need it shipped to Hawaii or Alaska.

    You can either have your car shipped by truck, or you can drive if you want to load your car full of freight. If you are hiring moving companies to ship all your home goods, they might find it convenient to also move your car.

    No matter which country, there is going to be a community of Embassy types and U.S. Accounting firms that import, buy, and sell cars to be shipped. We are planning on shipping my car to NYC, and I am looking for recommendations for folks with good experiences of shippers doing so. LendingTree explains how to find a reliable auto transport company that can help you make sure that your vehicle arrives on time and without any damages to it.

    Our team of professionals will be happy to assist in making the car transportation process seamless. Our highly-specialized services are just what you need to move a clients vehicle. Our enclosed auto transportation services provide your customers with the White Gloves experience that they have come to expect.

    Yours.DAS Global Services provides top-quality international auto transportation services for our global clientele. DAS has been involved in domestic and international car transportation business for 50 years, and has grown into the recognized leader of the global automotive transportation industry. If you are moving your car to Britain or Japan, our fleet of international auto transportation vehicles from approved DAS foreign car transportation partners will deliver your car to your destination in one piece, professional, and on time. DAS has been moving vehicles since 1954, and our 50 years of experience has made us the largest auto shipping company in the United States.

    Dallas moves cars, motorcycles, RVs, and boats to destinations all over the country. One of the largest transportation fleets in the entire industry, the company has over 50 years of experience and over 150 vehicle carriers delivering vehicles nationwide. Using them allows Dallas to provide truly door-to-door services, even at locations other companies cannot put their largest carriers on to deliver at your door.

    Unlike many car hauling companies, Dallas uses smaller, flatbed trucks for their door pick-up and delivery services. Dallas offers free auto transportation quotes through their website, and allows customers to set up transportation arrangements online, too. You may be able to save more money if you do not require door-to-door service, instead choosing to have your vehicle picked up at a nearby port, should shipping be done via ocean via a RoRo (Roll On Roll Off) ship.

    Sometimes, the only way to move your vehicle is by using a professional auto-transportation company. Whether you have to move a vehicle that you just purchased online or ship a set of wheels to a new town, even with established car-shippers, there may be complications along the way, not to mention scam artists that do not make deliveries. As for car transport — I would recommend going with DAS — based on my own personal experience (moving 3 cars back and forth to Baltimore), they are truly the only reliable company.

    When it is time to decide, getting quotes from at least 3 auto transport companies is smart. Before accepting any quotes, be sure you thoroughly understand who will drive or transport your vehicle (every step of the way), how your car will be insured, and to read reviews about the companies.

    We Service Private Individuals, Auto Dealers, Auctions, Manufactures, Sport Athletes, Movie Stars, Corporations & Service Members

    We Have been serving customers like you for over 25 years. All our reps. have been with us a long time and have the experience and the reputation to give you the quality service you deserve. 

    We Ship Cars, SUV's, Trucks & Motorcycles

    Our professional transporters can haul your car, truck, SUV, ATV, RV, boat or motorcycle anywhere in the world. They have the ability to map out intricate moves within the complex world of transport to get your car, RV or boat from any point of pickup to delivery anywhere on this planet.

    Using their network of 95+ terminals around the globe, DAS ships cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles all over the world. DAS has been moving vehicles since 1954, and our 50 years of experience has made us the largest auto transport company in the United States. DAS has an on-site fleet of modern, satellite-tracked transportation, driven by team drivers employed by DAS, providing our customers with the ultimate control, speed, and security for their vehicles.

    Our highly-specialized services are just what you need to move your customers cars. Our enclosed auto transportation services provide your customers with the White Gloves experience that they have come to expect.

    As both a transporter and broker, 1st Call Auto Haul is in a unique position to offer customers many options for meeting their auto transportation needs. Auto Transport, Vehicle Shipping, Door-to-Door Car Shipping is what 1st Call Auto Haul does, and we do car transportation really well. DAS Auto Transport ships all types of vehicles — SUVs, trucks, classic cars — door to door services across the United States.

    DAS Auto Transport is open 24/7/365 to take care of all of your car transport needs. Name National Express Auto Transport Category Car Shipping/Transportation Location Miami, FL, United States Description A door-to-door auto transportation company with an instant vehicle shipment calculator. Name Car Carrier Category Shipping/Transport Location Dallas, Texas, United States Description Safe, fast, and reliable car shipping service serving all 50 states.

    Categories Shipping/Transport Location San Francisco, California, United States Description First Call Auto Haul is an internationally owned, family-owned car shipping company that specializes in classic cars. Car, motorcycle, boat, and plane transport business as well as DAS deliveries. Call 800-430-8135 for all of your Car Transport, Auto Transport, and Auto Shipping needs.

    Many people employ the services of a vehicle transport company, car transport, to safely transport their vehicles to the destination. Nearly 90% of vehicles shipped between states or the nation are shipped via open-carrier vehicle transport.

    If you are considering moving your car from Hawaii to the United States, there are two ways you can get your vehicle shipped. Car transportation in Hawaii is not exactly like transportation of a car anywhere else in the United States. You will have to take the vehicle to the port, where it will be loaded on the ferry for a crossing over the ocean.

    If you are only going on a personal trip, you will need a vehicle transport company to bring your vehicle to your new home. If you bought a vehicle from a private seller in a different state, you might need to hire a company to get your new vehicle there. Car Shipping Direct: This company will take your vehicle to your old house and bring it to your new place, without any down payment.

    Ship a Car Direct also guarantees a refund if your vehicle is damaged in their care. DAS Auto Shippers: If you are moving a luxury or classic vehicle, DAS Auto Shippers is the company to choose, as they specialize in moving those types of vehicles, though they will move normal vehicles, too. Auto Dealers – We serve more than 550 auto dealers in all DAS Auto Shippers states, so we know what work needs to get done.

    Whether you are moving, buying a new car, or buying from an online retailer, we offer rock-solid, door-to-door services. Call us for a FREE estimate and for professional, accurate car moving advice abroad. Ship your vehicle or truck abroad using affordable, worry-free services from the US to ports around the world. Some available methods are clearly more expensive than others, but if you are moving a vehicle to another country, having the vehicle shipped via aircraft or ship is often the only choice you will have if you are moving across the ocean and you want to keep the vehicle.

    Brokers will need to mark up the cost paid for shipping your vehicle, sort of, charging a premium for moving your car, truck, SUV, RV, or motorcycle. An enclosed carrier cannot move as many cars as an open-air carrier, so each car costs more to transport. An open carrier typically can transport 8-12 vehicles at once, depending on how much space each vehicle, truck, RV, or SUV takes up in the carrier.

    In most cases, flatbed trailers, truck carriers, and enclosed trucks are used. Motorcycles, for example, would be transported in ways that would barely resemble large vehicle carriers that are more commonly used in interstate transportation. With many different types of car transportation vehicles available, the customer has a choice to either ship in a closed-top truck, or to deliver to the smaller side streets in flatbed trucks. From a carriers standpoint, the least convenient and cost-effective transportation is the one-car delivery that goes door-to-door in an enclosed truck.

    In cases where a car is good, but not exactly worth the added cost of an enclosed ship, customers will usually choose to fork over a few more bucks for some added vehicle security. Not every auto mover offers enclosed transportation, but it is the safest way to ensure that a non-replaceable car does not wind up damaged on the freeway. Enclosed shipping is primarily used on exotic cars and rare collector cars.

    DAS Auto Transport ships your car through either open-air or enclosed carriers, is fully insured, and offers discounts on multiple vehicles. DAS RoRo division can handle special needs for shipping your car abroad. Contact Information Please do not hesitate to call DAS Transport at 800-430-8135 for any and all your car transport needs. Car shipping companies provide the option to their customers of having a vehicle shipped anywhere that they may need.

    Door To Door Car Shipping Services

    Our network of auto shipping carriers offers door-to-door pickup. Skip the extra car storage fees by selecting a carrier that will come to you. As long as it’s legal and possible to move our big trucks down your street, we’ll pick up and deliver at your home or business.

    To start with, door-to-door auto shipping is the norm in the industry right now; most quotes you get, from DAS Auto Shipping or anyone else, will be for a door-to-door service with a carrier that is open-air. Most car transportation carriers drivers opt for door-to-door service because it allows them to collect and deliver vehicles without waiting on them, which could lead to scheduling issues. Many carriers provide only door-to-door car transportation services, as door-to-door auto transportation is more cost-effective and gives both carriers and customers greater control of which vehicles are transported.

    With Terminal-to-Terminal transportation, you can simply drop your vehicle off at or pick up from a terminal facility whenever you are comfortable. You just leave the vehicle in a terminal lot, then the company goes out to the terminal lot and collects it. Your vehicle will be shipped to the terminal closest to the location you have chosen. You will only need to provide a specific location for pickup and delivery of your car.

    The dispatcher of your vehicle will take your vehicle up to and from the specified location, just as safely and legally possible. Since most vehicles being shipped around the country are being transported in 7-10 vehicle carriers, door-to-door, the carrier driver will attempt to drive to the closest door to yours as much as possible, in order to collect and deliver your car. The transport company will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close as possible to your door.

    Door-to-door transportation is a vehicle transportation service that allows you to have your car picked up and delivered from your doorway as close to the address as possible. Door-to-door transportation is the process used by auto transport companies, where rather than taking your car to the terminal or a yard to pick it up.

    Door to Door auto transportation services are one of the two most common ways of moving a vehicle cross-country, south for winter, or simply into the next state. Oftentimes, customers wrongly assume that Door to Door Auto Transport means that a truck will arrive at your house as it delivers your new vehicle. What really happens is the car hauler is supposed to come as close to your door as possible, which could mean a mile or two away from your house or apartment. When you are doing a door-to-door delivery, which we will get into in a minute, your car might sit around the yard at the terminal until either the car transporter, or you, can make it there.

    In the simplest terms, this involves having your car picked up at the door of your pickup address, then delivered to the door of the shipping address. Even if your vehicle cannot be picked up or delivered directly at your door, due to reasons explained above, it will be picked up and delivered near you — usually within one to two miles of your initial location. You may meet the person who will transport your car at pick-up. Fill out a few forms and fill out a few documents, and before you know it, Easy Auto Ship will have picked up your car at a designated location and dropped it off at where you need it.

    You just supply a few details (such as the type of trailer, condition of vehicle, make, and model, and pickup/dropoff location) and get an estimate within seconds. A few hours prior to your scheduled pickup time, our Door-to-Door Car Shipping Service will get back to you. Anytime you have scheduled to have your car picked up by our door-to-door car transport, our carriers will call you up 24 hours ahead of time to arrange the time, and to confirm with you whether or not our carriers can take your vehicle to your house, or, worse-case, they will meet you in their nearest parking space, typically a retail mall. Whether you wish to have the car shipped from your coffee shop, your residence, or from your workplace, our drivers will make it happen — provided that accessing the desired location is both legal and safe. We own our own truck fleet, but if we can deliver your car faster, we will broker your transportation with one of our trusted partner carriers.

    DASAuto Shipping only works with the best carriers in the business for vehicle transportation, so you can be assured your car is in good hands when you book with us. By choosing to have auto transportation services from US, you will be able to afford to attend to your essential tasks, instead of making a trip to pick up the car and driving it all the way back. If there is any damage to your car while being transported, and the carriers insurance does not cover it, American Auto Shipping will help cover your personal insurances deductible. Cargo carriers are not licensed or insured to carry personal belongings or household items, however, American Auto Shipping does realize you might want to place certain items into the car.

    DAS Transport Express cannot tell you exactly what it costs to ship a vehicle without a few aspects like make, model, size, weight, and the distance covered by the vehicle. Several factors contribute to the costs of car transportation, which is why it is best to use the online auto transportation calculator instantly available on DAS Transport express for an even better estimation. That is why DAS Transport Express has grown into one of the leading auto transportation companies in the U.S. Fisher Transport also has an amazing record for moving cars in Texas, California, or any other part of the country……without a single transportation injury.

    In this post, we explain how door-to-door vehicle transportation works, and why it is the preferred transportation method for the vast majority of customers and carriers moving cars on a daily basis. A good rule of thumb is if you regularly see tractor-trailers in your area, picking up or delivery at your door should be no issue.

    We Are Licensed, Bonded & Fully Insured

    All verified carriers must meet insurance standards to qualify to be part of our auto shipping network. By law, they must provide coverage for the full value of all cars on their carrier.

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship My Car?

    Things like the delivery time, insurance, and type of car that you are looking to ship are some of the biggest factors in the real costs for auto shipping. The overall cost of shipping a vehicle is affected by factors like your chosen method of transport, the time of the year, distances that must be covered, and vehicle size, among others.

    The vehicle size, the distance, time of the year, and transportation method affect the cost to transport the car. Along with things like the distance and size of your vehicle, it is important to think about car shipping prices as a question of supply and demand. A variety of factors contribute to car transportation costs, like your vehicles model and weight, and your vehicles distance and mode of transport.

    A shipping company determines the car shipping cost depending on the vehicle size being shipped, distance, the type of services required, and the speed you want the car at the destination. Factors influencing the price auto transportation will be charged include how far your vehicle needs to travel, the size of your car, and your mode of transportation. A vehicle that needs to travel long distances will cost more to transport.

    If a car is not running, that increases your auto shipping costs, as a moving company needs specialized equipment or tow trucks to move a vehicle onto and off an automotive transport trailer. If your vehicle is inoperable, the transportation company must use equipment and manpower to load and unload the car. As far as the cost of a door-to-door shipment goes, a moving company comes to your location to pick up your vehicle and bring it to the destination of your choice.

    This kind of car transport should only be chosen if your vehicle is extremely expensive, customized, or if you are moving a car that is in motorsports. To select the right car transport company, you will need to determine first what kind of services you require, which can include door-to-door services, terminal-to-terminal services, open-air car shipping, or enclosed auto transport. When you are looking to move your car over long distances (for instance, moving your car cross-country), costs vary depending on what level of service you are expecting, how long you are willing to wait to get your shipment, whether you opt for door-to-door service or terminal-to-terminal service, and if the company you are working with has a lack of truck drivers.

    If you have to send a vehicle across the country, there are a number of methods that are available, along with factors that are specific to a particular car that will impact cost. It will cost you around $1400-$1600 to send a typical vehicle cross-country, from New York City to Los Angeles, in a non-covered trailer. On average, shipping small SUVs and other vehicles in this category costs $1,300-$1,600 coast-to-coast. For instance, shipping one going to the UK would cost as much as $1,300.

    The average cross-country shipping costs $1,300, and a one-state run will set you back $500 (for 150 miles or less) on average. For instance, shipping a car for up to 1,000 miles costs an average of $710, whereas SUVs are priced at $800, while trucks are priced at $880 for the same distance. The average cost to ship a vehicle internationally could be anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for ocean shipping, and $5,000 to $40,000 for air shipping, depending on distance and the type of vehicle. The average cost in the industry for shipping a vehicle by car shipping companies is more than $2.00 per mile for trips under 200 miles.

    To find those average costs, refer to the car transportation rates on the auto transportation calculator chart below, which also includes costs for coast-to-coast car transportation. The following table provides the average per-distance cost for car transportation, calculating and comparing costs for 3 vehicle sizes over 5 distances using the current prices, offers, and available inventory. Some estimates of the car transportation costs reflect the potential costs for using open-top auto transportation for transporting a functional car. Average Car Shipping Costs While the cost of auto transportation depends on many factors, you can expect auto transportation rates to range anywhere from around $500 for a short interstate haul to over $1,700 for cross-country hauls.

    Enclosed auto transportation trucks typically only can transport several vehicles at once, which may increase your total car transportation costs by as much as 50% over open auto transportation costs. The cost to transport your vehicle in an enclosed trailer is significantly higher, about 50% higher, but the enclosing transportation cost can be worth it as it provides more protection for your car from elements and debris on the way. If you are a luxury vehicle owner who requires additional care, an enclosed trailer would be your best choice. If you are looking for an affordable option and you own a simpler vehicle or mini-SUV, then opt for an open carrier.

    Cars are the most economical types of vehicles to ship as they require less space in the trailer and weigh less compared to other types of vehicles. If you can meet with the driver in a nearby large city, or close to a major Interstate exit, then you will probably receive a large discount on the price of car transportation. If your broker has confirmed auto transportation for an order that includes more than one car, and then you need to add or remove one for any reason, that is going to impact the car shipping cost. Shipping your vehicle by rail, however, will not cost you any more than $1,000 (route–and railroad company–depending, of course).

    It depends very much on where your bike is going, but shipping it in the Continental U.S. is about $500, and shipping it overseas ranges between $1,000-2,000. If you are shipping a regular-sized sedan 1000 miles using a open-jaw carrier, the average price is around $1,150. You have to realize, whether you are moving a 200-mile car, or moving it for 2,000 miles, it costs a driver about the same amount of money to pick up and drop off your car.

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